Catapulta verification

Catapulta is a new deployment tool for Foundry and Hardhat to improve deployments DevX and remove the need to perform manual verifications.
With Catapulta you can deploy to +10 networks and the verification will happen automatically in Routescan-based block explorers. You may need to register in Catapulta to be able to deploy in testnets with automatic verification, for free. You can register to get your `CATAPULTA_API_KEY` and enjoy seamless verifications in Routescan-based explorers at Catapulta dashboard.
Deploy with Foundry and Catapulta
To verify at deployment time with Foundry and Catapulta, just broadcast your script with the Catapulta CLI:
If you already deployed with Forge, but want to automate the verification, you can import your deployment to Catapulta with the "catapulta import" command, and it will re-trigger verification:
Deploy with Hardhat and Catapulta
To verify at deployment time with `hardhat-deploy` and Catapulta, just deploy with Catapulta CLI to enjoy automated verifications.
If you use plain Hardhat scripts, you can use `catapulta run`, pointing to your Javascript or Typescript deploy script: